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Oh, my Mille Feuille was a failure! I’m still reeling in from the failure and I don’t want to touch my leftover puff pastry yet. -_-

Well, at least the pastry cream tasted spectacular. 

tipsyimperial replied to your post“Oh, my Mille Feuille was a failure! I’m still reeling in from the…”
Don’t give up. Maybe try something different with your pastry & cream. It may not be a day for Mille Feuille.
I figured out what went wrong as I watched it bake: 1) It compresses as it bakes (well, that’s what I think happens, anyway; none of the recipes I’ve read mentioned that would happen) and 2) I rolled it out a too thinly and unevenly (it looked like an archipelago as it baked; the areas that were too thin developed holes  ((:). And some things went wrong as I rolled out the dough. Although, I was able to appreciate some of the areas that rose properly; I saw the layers in them and I was satisfied to a certain degree. ((:
I’ll try doing this again soon and quite possibly with a different recipe for the pastry. Oh, and I definitely have to watch a video this time around. Thanks for the encouragement and advice! :D
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These burgers don’t need meat to be awesome. (Veggie burger recipes over here.)

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