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Muriel Nisse: "La Mue"

Muriel Nisse is a young French artist who creates amazing masks and extraordinary headdresses, from another time, from another world. Nisse and director Dorian Groug made this video to stir your imagination. Make sure you’ll accept this challenge and make sure you’ll check out Nisse’s great work.

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Miriam Escofet’s Esoteric Paintings of Idyllic Worlds

Miriam Escofet creates rich oil paintings of idyllic scenes that nostalgically allude to classical antiquity. Perhaps the only notes of pessimism in these sumptuous depictions of ornate architecture, statues and jewels is that Escofet’s heavenly world seem to be nearly devoid of human inhabitants. This is a place that seems to belong to the gods — too perfect for mortals. Escofet originally studied 3D design and set out to be a ceramicist, which explains her attention to texture and volume. Each crease of fabric and crevice within a tree’s bark is rendered with precision. Light and shadow are greatly contrasted to a level beyond what we normally experience with the human eye, making Escofet’s fictional lands seem vivid yet illusory. via hi-fructose

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[16/30] Naruto Challenge {X}

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